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Introducing the 2022 Teacher Tools Online Update

This update improves key functions of your Teacher Tools Online experience. These feature additions and improvements reduce the time it takes you to find resources and prepare for lessons.

New Features and Feature Updates

Saved Searches and Filters

You may now save Searches and their filter settings to your Dashboard for quick access to the content you are teaching. You can easily modify these saved searches as needed. With the new Filter Options, you can select the grade level, discipline, edition number, and chapter or chapters of your course and save it to your Dashboard. You can also name your filter option so you can easily recognize it. You may update or delete your filters and searches at any time.



Multi-Select Filters

The Filter Options now allow you to select more than one grade, discipline, edition, or chapter (depending on which courses have been assigned to you). From the Filter Options, select as many check marks for grades, disciplines, editions, and chapters as needed and as are assigned to return results for multiple courses and chapters. These filter settings may also be saved to your dashboard for easy access.


Category Updates

New categories have been added to the sidebar. Note that we will be adding more content to these new categories as we re-file previous content for easier access or as new content is created.

You will now find categories for:

  • Instructional Aids
  • Charts
  • Maps
  • Games/Enrichment
  • Web Links
  • Overview


The Multimedia category has been renamed to Audio/Video.

The numbers to the right of each category have been edited to more accurately indicate how many resources are available in each category.

Filtered Results and Search

The functionality of the search feature has been updated to improve loading speed and increase usable results. Search results will only generate after you have clicked “Search” or pressed “Enter” and will no longer generate as you type. Searches will also give a number of results returned.

Resource Details Page

A rating system has been added to resource details pages. In addition to a star rating, you will be able to see how many times it was downloaded and how many times it has been favorited by other Teacher Tools Online users.


Help Center

A Help Center has been added to the footer (bottom of the page) of Teacher Tools Online pages. You will be able to find support and FAQs relating to each category.


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